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Rolls Royce marine - Norway - 2007

Rolls-Royce Marine has been a manufacturer of surface vessel steering gear systems for over 50 years. The latter years have seen an increase in the number of ILS requirements from commercial and defence customers. To meet this requirement Rolls Royce are now having to produce an ever increasing amount of data relating to their two main steering gear products, Tenfjord & Frydenbö.

Fulfilling this requirement began with providing reliability data for the two steering gear systems from a component level. MTBF data was gathered from sources such as manufacturers and the NSWC (Naval surface warfare centre reliability handbook). Reliability analysis was conducted in accordance with Mil Std 756. In addition FMEA work was carried out in accordance with Mil Std 1629 for the Tenfjord steering gear system.
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A bespoke spares calculator was developed for the Rolls Royce sales team to produce a spares quote based on MTBF data and operational behaviour of the equipment. It was necessary for the bidding team to produce a quick yet accurate spares list suited to the end user requirements. This spares tool would go on to prove being a useful tool during ITT (Invitation to tender) delivering a competitive advantage.