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Marshall Aerospace - Cambridge, UK - 2010

Background: Retired USAF C-130 aircraft acquired by the Royal Netherlands Airforce (RNLAF) with the intention of extending their useful life.

Prior to entry into service it was necessary for the aircraft to receive a number of upgrades and modifications in order to comply with EU legislation. The flight-deck was entirely upgraded with digital equipment replacing all previous analogue devices. A large undertaking nonetheless one that would require a tailored approach for analysis to deliver the programme in time and on budget.

Key requirement: Perform a Failure Modes & Effects Analysis for the entire flight-deck to ensure no undesirable effects would propagate to the mission level as a result of the upgrade. This requirement was driven by the design authority's desire and not by an external order.

The analysis was performed in close collaboration with personnel responsible for training individuals on the new equipment. The availability of such resources ensured the accuracy of the analysis and its eventual acceptance by the design authority.

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