specialises in the development and delivery of Integrated Logistics Support (Supportability Engineering) services. We have been supporting manufacturers and service providers with product development since 1998. Our expertise has allowed us to become involved with some of the most exciting projects throughout Europe, predominantly the UK, Germany and Norway.
Our market is niche, our projects widespread with many not necessarily conducted in the same language. Adapting to change is something on which we thrive, grow and enjoy.
Problem solving
None of our clients projects are the same, each requiring a tailored approach of our capabilities. Whatever the circumstances, to date, we have achieved success in each of our projects.
Your focus is getting what you need, our job is to communicate the process and show how it shall be achieved. Providing this guidance is an essential part of our process to achieving client confidence.
What is Integrated Logistics Support?
Integrated Logistics Support is a comprehensive discipline that is applicable to all acquisition activity. Importantly it is the study that your product or service capability shall perform as required over its useful life, without being a technical or financial burden to its owners. Activities are often divided depending on the goal of the user but shall usually work towards:
1) Identifying the cost of ownership
2) How can the cost be reduced without compromising the requirement?
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Why use it?
The primary purpose of ILS procedures are to reduce the through life cost of ownership without sacrificing capability. The capability analysed can either be product or service based. Often hidden and unseen until a development occurs the cost of supportability can initially seem unimportant at both project and business levels. However, the cost of acquisition is small compared to the cost of support during the whole life of the product or service. Recognising this is the first step to ensuring operational availability, whilst minimising ownership costs.
Free consultation
Many of our clients' needs stem from a single requirement. This could be reliability analysis, safety assessment, maintenance planning, or indeed spares planing. To use an example, reliability of a product or service is typically defined as 'the ability of a system to function within a specified time'. Fulfilling this requirement necessitates understanding of the needs of the end user. Considerations include:

  • Shall this reliability analysis be used to understand maintenance activities? System availability? Spares requirements? Through-life costs?

  • Shall the service or product be the result of a bespoke design or part of a larger population?

Regardless of the end requirements the approaches used to get there shall differ. This becomes particularly true when high system availability is needed. Our initial consultation is to tailor analysis to suit your requirement whilst discussing the benefits alternative techniques can offer.
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