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About me

Hello, my name is Fraser Mackie. I was born in 1976. I'm an engineer specialising in the practices and procedures of supportability engineering. My early career began with the hands on experience of an apprentice electrician for a local provider of electrical installation services in the north west coast of Scotland. Confident in my abilities in this trade I chose to pursue an academic career in electronic engineering.

The hands on nature of my earlier work experience provided me with a strong engineering foundation when entering the consulting world. This foundation and understanding I believe is imperative when advising clients of what processes and procedures they should adopt. Using common sense and knowing when to adopt academic exercises is as much based on experience as it is a skill.

My post graduate studies turned towards operational research in particular statistics and the mathematical procedures involved that make use of the information generated. Mathematical modelling and simulation became an area of much interest to myself, an area of maths that I continue to pursue today with as much energy as the day I began.

Thus far I have practised safety and reliability procedures across several sectors, including marine platforms, avionics and commercial installations.

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